Amsons Textiles has a verticle set up of Processing


  • One Zimmer 12 Colors 3.1 meter Rotary Machines
  • One Regiani Unica 12 color 3.2 Meter Rotary
  • One Buzzer Flat panel Printing 13 Color
  • One Thermosol Dyeing Machine Wider Width Kuster Padder
  • One Continuous Bleaching Machine
  • Five Stenters
  • Two Modern CST Engraving Machines. These Engraving machines can Cater Photo Real Design aswell as normal design,Both in Rotary & Panel Print.

  • 350 stitching Machine Consisting of 3 Floors
  • Cat Power Generators Fulfilling our Self Power Generation of 2.5 MW.
  • Complete Back processing Singeing, Desizing, Scouring, Mercerizing Clendering,
  • Washing Range, Sanforizing, Emerizing, Etc.
  • Modern Laboratory
  • Designing Studio
  • 52 Shuttle less Sulzer Looms in house.